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Coastal Living Cottage

Coastal Living Cottage

One of the best things about any trip to the beach is that moment when you exhale and all your cares and worries seem to melt away. If you are lucky it happens when you first catch sight of a foam-topped wave cresting over the ocean’s cerulean calm. Or maybe it occurs later, with the sand beneath your toes and a quilt of stars over your head.

Wherever and whenever that feeling of peace descends on you, you are probably left wishing you could capture it everyday. It’s a fleeting moment when the sun is overhead and the breeze gently whispers across your legs. It’s a well-chilled glass of wine in hand and nothing in front of you but time. It’s the sound of children laughing against the ceaseless give and take of the waves against the shore. It’s Coastal Living Cottage from Stanley Furniture. Creating a cozy hallmark of the serenity that comes from life on the water, Coastal Living Cottage offers gracious comforts with relaxed elegance, giving you ample ways to bring your own tranquil moment back home.

Coastal Living Cottage takes cottage furniture to the next level with an unprecedented array of items for every room of the home. The collection features multiple style options available in 14 different colors and finishes, organized into three distinct color palettes. Many pieces are offered in smaller scale options to accommodate the space limitations of cozier coastal cottages or condos. Designed to work well in open floor plans of all sizes, Coastal Living Cottage marries old and new, blending the gently weathered style of coastal antiques with the functionality of high-tech modern furniture. With Coastal Living Cottage, finding your seaside getaway is as simple as coming home. Relaxation is your only responsibility.

Catalog and Assembly Instruction of Coastal Living Cottage Collection by Stanley Furniture

Cottage Finish / Wood Characteristics

Coastal Living Cottage features a palette of colors that draws inspiration from the varied landscapes of the coast. The sea, in all its many moods, plays a central role, as do the dunes, marsh grasses, shells, sun and boardwalks of America’s coasts. Colors are organized into three distinct color palettes to help simplify and unify your design scheme. Stay within a color family or mix and match as your own style dictates.

A distinctive rub-through effect, achieved through a significant hand distressing technique, creates a warm antique look that simulates furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Cottage Hardware

Coastal Living Cottage features wooden knobs in matching finishes that seamlessly blend in with the design of each piece.

Cottage Fabric

All dining chairs are available in either the Coastal Cloud solid material or one of four nautically striped fabrics to lend even more of a beach appeal to upholstered items.

Cottage Sea Glass Palette

Born of the sea, this color scheme borrows from those twinkling treasures collected over long walks, perhaps on Laguna Beach or La Jolla. Layers of blues and greens—in shades ranging from royal to periwinkle—create a style that works either dressed-up or casual. Set against white, these colors dazzle, or mix and match to create your own coastal mosaic.

Cottage Americana Palette

Head due East to capture the look of the Cape or a lakeside "camp" with this classic color combination. Go nautical or patriotic with accents of red, white and blue or explore the many shades of the sea from deepwater to navy. This palette evokes the fun of sunset clambakes and a colorful parade of beach cruisers.

Cottage Pastel Palette

Think South Beach or the Caribbean and let your imagination sail with soft pastels. Designed to work together in colorful harmony, pastels are equally at home in casual or more sophisticated settings. Blend blues and greens with the playful pink of conch to create a Caribbean getaway everyday.