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Modloft Modern Furniture

Modloft Modern Furniture

Modloft Furniture is one of the fastest growing modern furniture brands in the U.S. The story of Modloft originates in Venice, Italy where it began importing and distributing the very best contemporary furniture. Soon after, Modloft set out to reinvent the brand into a different image - a unique blend of urban modern style with practical affordability. Modloft aspired to create a lower priced alternative to modern furniture for urban dwellers seeking to live "modern on a budget". The result was an affordable European quality collection inspired from New York style lofts and today's smaller living spaces.

Today, the Modloft brand is widely recognized throughout the modern furniture market as a leader of innovative products, distribution intelligence, and customer satisfaction. Passion and dedication are what move the people behind the Modloft brand to reach a singular goal: To make quality modern furniture available to the budget-minded shopper.

Modloft Beds

Warm, cozy and comfortable, the Modloft Beds by Modloft are there to create a new statement for your bedroom. The contemplative classic tones make these beds an apt choice for your more ...

Luxo by modloft

Modloft Luxo means modern luxury and attracts consumers to delve in a modern design- forward lifestyle. The Luxo by Modloft offers a complete lifestyle to live boldly and elegantly through its collections and occaisonal pieces. Being made in Brazil using only eco friendly materials, Modloft delivers Luxo's satiating high quality with superior flair. Well Made. Well Priced. Well Done.

Modloft Dining Table

The wide and elaborate collection of Modloft Dining Tables by Modloft provide you with a plethora of choice out there. The suave and sophisticated presence of these dining more ...

Modloft Entertainment Center

The rich and elaborate genre of Modloft Wall Units by Modloft makes them a stupendous choice for your sophisticated living room. Wide and ostentatious, these marvelous wall units revamp the interior of your more ...

Modloft Ludlow Bed

Rich and luxurious, the Ludlow Bed by Modloft are here to let you enjoy a royal treatment. Available in swanky finishes like, walnut, wenge and sand, you are provided with alluring and rich options more ...

Modloft platform bed

Modloft Beds precisely define the splendor of your place. You can find numerous patterns that are absolutely enticing and alluring. It is to be kept in mind that the parts of the beds have to be assembled more ...

Modloft Sullivan Dining Table

The splendid sculpture of the Sullivan Dining Tables by Modloft grabs one’s notice instantly. The wide circumference of the table lets you serve with ease and more ...

Modloft Waverly Collection

Suave and sophisticated, the Waverly Bed by Modloft create a statement of splendor for your bedroom. This luxurious silhouette is more than a mere bed. Waverly platform bed, as it is named, features an wavering arched wooden frame which looks like a living beauty from headboard to footboard. Waverly Nightstands, now replace by Thompson nightstands, are little pieces beside the bed. Nice straight line design is visible across the waverly collection. Waverly dresser perfectly complements the bed and nightstand. You can use a Norfold mirror and Sanctuary louge chair along with the waverly collection by Modloft. All of the waverly items are available in wenge and walnut finish.

Modloft ludlow platform bed

The leathered back adds on to the vibrant appeal. The opulent genre creates a sense of splendor. Warm and enticing, the Ludlow Beds by Modloft merge with prevalent mood at your more ...

Modloft pearl bookcase

Innovatively designed, the Pearl Bookcases by Modloft are a stupendous way to store your treasured books. Sleek and striking, these Bookcases are more than a mere more ...

Modloft tv stand

Suave and sophisticated, the Modloft TV Stands by Modloft is a perfect site for your swanky television set. An artistic fusion of glass and timber makes them a sought after more ...

Modloft Monroe Colection

Designed on the lines of Japanese platform beds, Modloft's Monroe bedroom collection brings perfect straight line deisgn to your bedroom. The two nightstand are already attached the monroe platform bed. Slick and clean footboard design add a lot of the look of the bed. Monroe dresser completes the collection with Norfolk Mirror. For sitting pieces, you can use either Carey bench or sanctuary lounge chair in the Modloft Monroe bedroom collection. Modloft Monroe bed is available in walnut and wenge finish

Modloft Coffee Table

Having a glossy shine, the table enlivens the decor of your trendy city loft. Available in spectacular designs, this dynamic collection leaves you spellbound by its more ...

Modloft Worth

Modloft worth Berdroom collection features a Modloft Worth platform bed. The two nightstands are included along with the worth bed so you dont have to buy them separately. Inpired Zen shaped bed, this is really slic and latest design with leather headboard. It is available in White and Dusty Gray leather with Wood in Wenge and Walnut finish. Worth Dresser complements the bed nicely. For occasional sitting in the bedroom, you can use Dacre Cube Poufs or Frith Lounge Chairs. The Norfolk mirror is ideally suited to mach the entire Modloft Worth Bedroom collection.

Modloft Lift Desk

Available in two different designs, the Modloft Desks by Modloft cover a wide range of choice. From sleek and sophisticated, Mercer Desk to thick and rustic Houston Desk, you can make a convenient and liberal choice here. Made up of hardwood solids, these desks have a sturdy more ...

Modloft bookcase

The peculiar yet striking appearance of Modloft Bookcases by Modloft makes them a perfect site for your treasured books. Stupendously inclined, these bookcases have a didactic more ...

Modloft Ann Wall Unit

Modloft ann wall unit was a very popular model. It was discontinued in 2010 and replaced by Grand wall unit.

Modloft lexington entertainment center

The Lexington TV Stands by Modloft create a contemporary statement for your place. The soothing and pleasant shine is truly mesmerizing. Extreme elongated, it flaunts your opulent TV stand. Firmly stood by the metal legs, it stands in poised more ...

Modloft grand wall unit

The Grand wall unit creates the perfect backdrop for your modern, eurostyle living room. Its flat base (2 pieces) sits low to the ground, ideal for holding A/V components or flat screen more ...

Modloft Eldridge

Modloft's Eldridge entertainment unit, with its super cool modern minimalistic design, fits just over 5' long - it is a perfect entertainment unit for any living more ...

Modloft Furniture ReviewModloft 5 star rating

Modloft Furniture has been reviews by experts and customers equally. We have received great reveiws by the sturdiness and great looking deisgn by Modloft. Modloft designer are a proud men. They have brought high class modern to average bedroom at very attractive prices. Since most of their bedroom collections are so much in demand online or offline that they are sold out if fulfilling the back orders. Modloft worth, ludlow, waverly and prince are some of the most popular ones.

Modloft Catalog

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