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Hekman Furniture

Hekman Furniture

Hekman, originally a baker, ventured to become a successful furniture company. In 1983, Hekman was acquired by Howard Miller Company and is now a part of the group. The company is known for its fine quality wood case goods and upholstery. Use of good quality material, high level of craftsmanship has made this century old furniture an exceptional standard for high end traditional furniture. At the same time they are an importer of indoor and outdoor housing and commercial furniture, attractive accessories and fixtures. A team of qualified designers and experts checks the quality of the products.The product range consists of storage items, seating, tables, bedding and accessories.

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Hekman furniture

Hekman furniture has been in business for decades. Despite of being acquired by a bigger group, the company has maintained its agility in furniture design and innovation. Hekman introduces lot of new design every year at high point market. Hekman is often misspelled by some customers as Heckmann Corp.

Hekman desk

Hekman desk has been the best seller for couple of years. Not only they have lot of variation in the designs of the desk but also it caters to lot of different segments of the market. While the presidential desks are targeted towards high end lavish mansion like setup, the smaller desks target average middle class home office. These desks have historical European grandeur along with arrangements for modern equipments and gadgets. Its such a popular pieces in the market that it will be visible in almost all the traditional furniture stores. Heckman antique desk is another popular term used to search Hekman desks.

Hekman contract

Hekman has been selling contract furniture for a very long time. They have long term customers including hotel, restaurants and offices. Hekman contract furniture comes with great quality and very affordable bulk prices. They have focused on this segment for such a long time that they have almost mastered it now. They innovating me the contract furniture segment and keep it full of energy.

Hekman coffee table

Hekman furniture company produces lot of great looking traditional coffee tables made out of hardwoods and softwoods. Most of them are very artistic in nature and have nice looking curves along the edges. It’s a great mix of rectangular shaped, square shaped, circular and oval coffee tables. Some of them are glass top while the others have wooden tops. A common feature of the coffee tables legs is that all of them are curved. While some of them are of pedestal shapes, others have four legs to rest on.

Hekman furniture quality

Hekman produces great looking furniture with superb quality. Due to their focus on quality, they have maintained their supremacy in traditional furniture for decades. All of their furniture is made of traditional hardwoods or softwoods. It’s a mix of furniture sourced from different parts of the world with great emphasis on quality and durability. If this furniture is kept with lot of care, they can stay with your family for generations to come. Some of the people try to find Hekman Furniture on ebay or craigslist just for the sake of antique value it brings.

Hekman armoire

While Hekman armoire does not simple apply to all the pieces marked as armoire by Hekman, it refers most of the cabinets made by Hekman. Some of these cabinets can be used as computer cabinet, dressers and bar cabinets. Castilian Armoire is the only one piece listed by Hekman as armoire. Some of the Hekman armoire also feature in Hekman entertainment console section.

.Hekman antique furniture

Hekman Antique furniture search from different parts of the country. There is a big marketplace on ebay and craigslist of the people selling and buying old Hekman Furniture because of their antique value. The value of the Hekman antique furniture depends upon the condition of the furniture pieces and how much care has been taken to keep it. While some of them are priced are couple of hundred dollars , other may go up to thousands of dollars.

Hekman armoire entertainment center

Hekman features almost twenty great looking entertainment centers. Their prices vary from couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. They are available in dark wood finish as well as the light finish. Most of them have curved edges and carvings on the top and bottom areas. They also feature some of the great looking patters in the front face. While some of them can placed in the center of the wall, others have options to be placed on the corners of the room. They have options for most of the modern gadgets and charging points for them.

Hekman antique end tables

The company makes some really great looking Antique End tables. The most prominent and the common feature of these end tables is the curving on legs, stylish pattern on the wooden top and rugged finish hardware. These elements of style bring in lot of antique to end tables by Hekman. Some of them have traditional light and hardwood finish while other have innovative weathered white finish to the surface. They also have either small storage drawers to keep utility stuff or the shelf below for the same.

Hekman arts and crafts

Hekman introduced a collection name arts and crafts some years back. The prominent feature of this collection is the leather upholstered chair with vertical rails featuring on the back of the chairs, connecting the top and bottom shelves of the tables. The collection features item for the living room and dining room.

Hekman accents

Hekman Accents are so well known in the traditional furniture market because of their extensive collection of accent tables and accents chairs. While accents chairs features in the chair side table category, accent chairs usually feature in the upholstered chair category. Most of the accent pieces are nicely carved out and are able to attract immediate attention of the guests.

Hekman bookcase

Hekman makes lot of bookcases. Some of them are tall bookcases whereas others are short. Most of them have a typical Hekman grand look and carvings on the surface. While some of the bookcases can also be used as media consoles cum bookcases, others are full-fledged bookcases only. Depending upon the number of books you want to keeps, you have got lot of bookcases options by Hekman. They are available in both light and dark brown woods.

Hekman buffet

Hekman has great variety of buffets in all its collections. These buffets vary in color, size, grandeur and pattern. The patterns vary from straight lines to curvy design on the surface. They are available in dark brown, light brown and white color. They are excellent pieces to serve Dinner or lunch at your home. Most of them have at least 3 to 4 cupboards with rustic finish hardware on them.