How to Remove Scratches from a Wood Table

2012 December 8
by Furn Warrior

Scrapes on wood dining tables not simply present the unsightly physical appearance; they abandon the wood unprotected and prepared to take staining and also moisture. Scratches could be slight or perhaps deep, and removing each kind requires a new method involving repair. The tip of your current wood home also plays an important part in the way to remove this scratches, especially if the scuff is deep.
Fixing Scrapes in Furniture:

Fix bit of a scratches which has a stain compose. If this scratch is not deep plus the wood will never be covered along with polyurethane, make use of a finish or perhaps stain pen to repay the scuff. These pencils resemble a new marker and also come in a range of colors to complement almost just about any wood. Delicately rub this scratched region with 00-gauge metallic wool. This may remove the current finish from the wood. Apply this pen to the scratched area equally you would in the event you were tracing a range. Refinish this section along with paste feel or fat.

Refinish the symptoms to fix deep scuff marks. If this scratch will be deep plus the piece will be coated along with poly, anticipate refinishing the full surface. Use 320-grit sandpaper to take out the present finish. Use a 400-grit sandpaper to smooth out the scuff. Wipe the symptoms with a new cloth condensed in nutrient spirits to take out the sanding particles.

Apply the revolutionary stain to the surface employing a paintbrush or perhaps paint sleep pad. Remove extra stain which has a clean, smooth cloth. Encourage the stain to help dry.

Coat the symptoms with polyurethane by using the poly which has a brush or perhaps pad inside thin, actually strokes. Allow to help dry and also apply a 2nd coat, in case desired.

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