Camel Group Furniture

2012 June 11
by Furn Warrior

Camel Group Furniture:

The dreams of a having furniture that is built to last, if not forever then for a long time ends at camels group in Italy. As styles and continuous innovation in the art of furniture making grows to different levels, one never gets out of place. The classic Italian designs have always been regarded as the choice of individuals with class and taste that is why Camel Group in Italy launches their Classic Italian traditional furniture collection. It includes a wide array of bedroom and dining room classic furniture collection made of Italian materials.

The Barocco bed by Camel group Italy clearly demonstrate the elements of the Baroque period style. The pieces feature elaborate curves, crests and medallions adorned in leather. The set beautifully festooned and decorated with classic traditions gives a wealthy look.. Color Ivory, Venetian glass decoration in gold and silver frosted micro-crystals looks great, Its durable construction lasts long with you.


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