Jesson Dark Brown Modern Media Cabinet DC-5

2015 January 22

The Jesson Contemporary Media Cabinet was designed especially for your ever-growing DVD collection. With specially-sized fixed-position shelves and wide-swinging doors, this DVD storage cabinet can fit dozens of media cases with ease. Made in Malaysia with an engineered wood frame, the Jesson DVD cabinet features dark brown faux wood grain paper veneer with matte silver metal door handles. Assembly is required….read more

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How to Organize a China Cabinet

2014 October 13
by Furn Warrior

The far east pantry shelves as well as china buffets are widely-used through many people to be able to elegantly show any china collection. For many, on the other hand, buffets be a catch-all regarding all kinds of bits and pieces, through in which homemade pot your own relative colored that you any dried-up rose bouquet you have for a wedding party and that is currently slowly and gradually looking towards particles. Coordinate your own china cupboard and recover it is rightful area to be a great piece of furniture that may in addition flaunt your own china and very pieces.
Starting any The far east Display case:

Apparent the particular cupboard. Eliminate everything from the particular china cupboard and collection this besides using a kitchen table as well as on to the ground. Airborne dirt and dust the particular china buffet totally and make use of goblet solution to clean almost any glass-front cupboard entrance doors. Fresh the within regarding almost any storage also.

Coordinate your own products. Go through the products anyone removed from the particular china cupboard. Make piles regarding circumstances to give away, items to package in place, circumstances to dispose of and physical objects you wish to return to the particular hutchto possibly be viewable as well as stored.

Start off at the pinnacle. On the top space of your buffet, setup groups regarding very wines glasses, floral vases as well as additional beautiful glassware. Quite a few china buffets use a mild collection above the particular best space. Inserting very products on top space enables the particular mild to be able to luster to them, creating a wonderful show.

Create the particular discs. Set up a number of cosmetic discs over the returning with the minute space. This discs really should seem to be “leaning” against the returning wall membrane. The china hutch needs any ridge over the space for only in which purpose. In any other case, you will need to buy a number of plate holders.

Coordinate a number of teacups and saucers while watching discs. And keep the particular teacups through rattling while an individual walks through using a weighty follow, area any caffeine separate out involving the pot along with the saucer. Minimize this to install so that it does not indicate beneath the tea pot.

Finish this off. Exhibit inspired bowls, floral vases as well as additional large and exciting products around the bottom part space. Last but not least, setup the particular china hutch being well-designed. Complete the particular storage, if almost any, together with placemats, tablecloths and sheets and pillowcases napkins. When you have the space, you might like to retailer your own tableware inside hutch.

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The Best way to set up a Dining Room

2014 October 13
by Furn Warrior

Collecting all your family throughout the kitchen home furniture is the best way to spending some time together. The particular kitchen is said to be the bedroom where all your family complies with together to get a secure evening associated with supper and also chat. In a few residences, this kind of merely happens immediately after the many debris along with your table may be swept away from and also transferred on top of various other piece of kitchen home furniture. Prevent dinner-time cleaning by means of arranging the kitchen to produce the attractive living space regarding foods that will is always fresh and also interesting, certainly not chaotic and also sloppy. Keep reading regarding points and also tips on what to prepare some sort of kitchen.
Techniques for Organizing some sort of Lounge:

Take away the debris. Eating platforms, making use of their wide, smooth types of surface, tend to be magnets regarding debris, and you tend not to desire to contest with that will whilst consuming supper. Form the items from a kitchen home furniture in to heaps. The moment sorted, arrange the items with selected canisters. You will understand precisely finding the items you’re looking for once you’ve a functioning process available. By way of example, you should position a few holders along the wall regarding build items when you frequently operate the kitchen dining room table regarding build initiatives.

Take stock of your respective products. Provide almost any outdated dinners, tablecloths, placemats or other products in the kitchen that you do not frequently utilize. Manage the items you keep by means of coloration or design and also keep all of them neatly in the compartments associated with other kitchen home furniture, just like buffets or cina cupboards, regarding simple entry.

Choose the best home furniture. The table can be a have to yet 12 chairs aren’t. Go many of the dining chairs out of the bedroom whenever its not necessary all of them, and the bedroom can experience much less chaotic and much more organized. Squeeze in a cina cupboard or buffet on the bedroom regarding design and also regarding storing dining room table bed sheets, cina and also dinnerware.

Generate guidelines regarding the usage of your kitchen. In the event you let your kids to use your dining room table regarding groundwork, by way of example, designate some sort of hard drive regarding bags and also school items lowered in dining chairs which can be whisked aside or hidden. This is some sort of hole table along the wall, gift basket or other furniture piece that you could go from the bedroom after groundwork is completed.

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The Best Way to Freshen a Futon Mattress

2014 October 13
by Furn Warrior

Futons are definitely more when compared with disaster bedsheets with regard to friends. A number of entrepreneurs choose futons above standard mattresses because they are typically cheaper when compared with standard mattresses and they are convertible, a feature that is perfect for modest rooms. Such as standard a mattress, futon a mattress need freshening regularly so they really don’t develop smells. The ones associated with nurturing futons range between airing them outside to help cleanup them that has a rainy cloth; what we choose will depend on the state of hawaii of your mattress. Search underneath to help be able to freshen some sort of futon mattress.
Freshening some sort of Futon Mattress:

Atmosphere out there the actual futon on the sunny day. Spot the actual futon mattress level in addition to change it above following a couple of hours. Also you can hold it coming from a series. Should the futon incorporates a stratum associated with airborne debris, overcome it out there that has a 2-by-2 amount while futon is usually dangling on the line.

Make use of cooking soda to take out smells. Dust cooking soda liberally above one particular part in the mattress. Encourage the dust to help take a seat on the actual futon for around 30 minutes and remove it that has a vacuum cleaner. Do it again conversely.

Take away staining. Drop some sort of cloth with drinking water blended with some sort of slight detergent in addition to shake it out there. Polish the actual spots for the futon inside a spherical motion. Drop yet another cloth with drinking water, shake it out there and wash the actual soaked spots. Allow futon dried up absolutely.

Thoroughly clean the actual futon. Lay the actual futon mattress level about the figure or on to the floor. Apply one particular part together with upholstery better in addition to polish it thoroughly clean that has a brush or possibly a dried up cloth. Clean over grubby suds that has a spoon or make use of a vacuum, and wash the actual futon thoroughly clean that has a wet cloth. Encourage the part to help dried up absolutely before transforming it above. Do it again the method with the different part. Work towards modest portions at any given time.

Stage the actual futon. When there are lumps within your futon mattress, place it level in addition to walk into it. Pay attention to the actual high spots in addition to attempt to shift the actual filling up to the skinny spots.

Rotate the actual futon. Rotate in addition to change the actual futon mattress at least one time every thirty days in order that you are choosing each part of the usb ports. If not, the actual futon will certainly sag within the position you generally lie about.

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Export Product data out of Magento with SQL & phpmyadmin

2014 May 23
by Furn Warrior

If you have ever tried to export product data from Magento for a bigger catalog, you would know that Magento can be very notorious in that. You can try these SQL statements to export Magento product data in parts -


To export SKU &  price (active product with price)

select sku, value attribute_id from mage_catalog_product_entity JOIN mage_catalog_product_entity_decimal on mage_catalog_product_entity.entity_id=mage_catalog_product_entity_decimal.entity_id where mage_catalog_product_entity_decimal.attribute_id=’68′

To export SKU & Description ( active product with description )

select sku, value from mage_catalog_product_entity JOIN mage_catalog_product_entity_text on mage_catalog_product_entity.entity_id=mage_catalog_product_entity_text.entity_id where mage_catalog_product_entity_text.attribute_id=’64′

To export SKU & Name ( active product with name )

select sku, value from mage_catalog_product_entity JOIN mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar on mage_catalog_product_entity.entity_id=mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.entity_id where mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.attribute_id=’63′

To export SKU & Image ( active product with image )

select sku, value from mage_catalog_product_entity JOIN mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar on mage_catalog_product_entity.entity_id=mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.entity_id where mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.attribute_id=’77′

To export SKU & URL ( active product with url )

select sku, value from mage_catalog_product_entity JOIN mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar on mage_catalog_product_entity.entity_id=mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.entity_id where mage_catalog_product_entity_varchar.attribute_id=’89′


Hope it helps. Feel free to write comments if you have a better way of doing it.



Update – 05252014

You can create the above as views.Using these views, you can create another view which will give you all the essential products details in one table. This can be exported out of phpmyadmin in zipped format easily.

SELECT A.sku,, A.url, C.image, D.price, B.description

FROM `active product with url` AS A

INNER JOIN `active product with description` AS B

ON A.sku=B.sku

INNER JOIN `active product with image`  AS C

ON A.sku=C.sku

INNER JOIN `active product with price` AS D

ON A.sku=D.sku

INNER JOIN `active product with name` AS E

ON A.sku=E.sku


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Same Old Living Room? How To Spruce It Up With A Few Accessories

2014 May 15
by Furn Warrior

Everyone needs a little change every now and then. Maybe you’ve noticed that you haven’t been making much use out of your living room or you’re just bored with how it looks. Either way, a few changes here and and there or a new piece of furniture can leave your living room looking modern and brand new. Turn your living room into a space you actually want to come home to and spend your evenings in with a few simple additions.



Have a Plan:


Before you start any kind of home improvement project, it’s really helpful to have a clear image of what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to get there. Maybe all you want to do is put up some new art on your walls and bring in a new table or something, or maybe you want to completely revamp your living room with remodeling, new paint, new floors, or completely new furniture. Either way, you’ll save yourself time and money if you have a good plan when you start.

It also helps to see what other people are doing, the latest trends, and get ideas for money saving DIY projects. Pinterest, Dwellinggawker, and Tumblr are great places to start, where you’ll find tons of visual inspiration, how-tos, and can easily save the posts you like and go back to them later. Of course, even a simple Google search will help steer you towards home decorating ideas to fit your budget and style.




Before you go out and buy a bunch of new furniture, take a weekend to get organized and try rearranging the furniture you have. You might find that changing up the layout of your living room is all the change you need, and there are plenty of ways to arrange your furniture to create more space in your living room. Buying a new shelf or some other accessories for better organization can free up even more space and completely change the look and feel of a room and at the same time make your life a little easier.



Buying furniture used is a great way to save money, recycle and be eco-friendly, and end up with something totally unique for your home. You might be surprised by what you can find at thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores, and online through websites like Craigslist. There are also plenty of DIY projects that you can find online which explain how to fix up old furniture and turn it into something that looks brand new.


What to Buy New: